Saturday, July 8, 2017

Most Common Tree Problems and Solutions

Trees are one of your best natural resources. When they are growing in your yard, they present you with beauty, a home to wild animals, clean your air, and keep your soil fertile. One of the best benefits is the much-needed shade they provide. To continue the growth of your trees, you must take proper care of them. A tree should be expected to live a long and healthy life, and with your attention, it will thrive.

Taking care of your trees ensures their healthy growth and survival. It can also save you the cost and mess of having to remove them if they die. Another problem with unhealthy trees is their weak structure and not being able to withstand winds during storms. Preventing tree problems benefits you, your property, and the tree.

Tree is Not Growing 

One reason that your tree may not be showing signs of growth is that its roots are being damaged or compacted. This damage often happens if vehicles are parked under the tree, or there is heavy traffic where the roots are underground. Vehicles will compact the soil and make it much denser which is hard for water to penetrate.

To prevent tree problems caused by damaged roots, you need to protect the area under the tree's canopy and not allow vehicles to park there. Constructing a fence around the canopy would help keep vehicles away for the sensitive roots.

Tree Appears Weak with Yellowing Leaves

If you've noticed the roots of your tree have begun to shrivel, or its leaves have started to turn yellow, it may be a sign of too much fertilizer. Too much fertilizer will cause your tree to have a weak root system, and it will not be able to flower or produce fruit.

It is often better to be cautious when using fertilizers and under-use rather than give too much. Mature trees seldom need it as they are able to sustain themselves. Applying too much fertilizer weakens your tree and makes it susceptible to insects.

If you notice your tree is not healthy, but are unsure what the tree problems are, you should consult an expert right away. Early treatment of diseases or solutions may help you save your tree and yourself unnecessary damage or costs. Experts will determine what is plaguing your tree and help to ensure its continued growth.

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