Sunday, November 22, 2015

Why Should You Call A Professional Tree Service For Removal Of Trees?

Many people think that all they need to remove a tree from their property is a chain saw. They think that stump removal or stump grinding are even simpler as long as they have the required tools for these tasks.

Having just the tools is not sufficient for tree trimming, tree pruning or for stump removal what is more important is the knowledge and the experience to do it correctly. Many property owners that jump right into felling a tree on a Saturday afternoon thinking that they will be done with it in two hours time end up wasting their entire weekend and the week days that follow in repairing the damage that they cause to their property and in cleaning up the mess caused in the process. If you think that you can save some money on your tree removal or stump grinding needs by handling these tasks yourself, then the chances are high that you end up being wrong.

For example, when you are removing a tree, many factors have to be taken into account, there is a bit of science involved in cutting a tree safely without damaging the property, parked vehicles and the people are that around. Many think that they can pull down a tree in any direction they like just by a tying a rope and pulling in the desired direction after a bit of chopping. The direction in which the tree will fall will depend on where the ‘centre of mass’ is located. This in turn is decided by the structure of the tree. Before you can put the chainsaw on to the trunk of the tree, you should first study the structure of the tree and decide the direction in which you want the tree to land. The tree will fall in the direction in which it has the most branches and you cannot just pull it in any direction you like with a rope. You first need to cut down the branches carefully to bring the center of mass of the tree to be in line with the main trunk of the tree so that you can pull it down in the desired direction.

However, you cannot rule out the risks completely and it is always best to call your local tree services for your tree trimming, tree pruning, stump removal and stump grinding needs. Professional tree service will ensure that the tree in your property is removed without causing any damage to people or to the property around. Moreover, your professional tree service will be insured to cover any damages, where as you will not have that kind of insurance protection yourself.

It is best that experts take care of tree trimming and tree pruning needs so that you do not unnecessarily waste your weekend as well as your money on repairing damages. You will also save yourself against liability lawsuits by calling a local tree services company.

What You Need to Know About Stump Grinding and Stump Removal

In the event that you have recently cut down trees on your property but the stumps are limiting you from making adequate use of the space, then it may be time to acquire the services of professional tree stump removal and grinding. Apart from the fact that they look unsightly in regards to the appearance of your property, they are also dangerous and can cause damage to your lawnmower when you mow around them. It is important to totally remove them and this is because when left, they happen to be home to ants, roaches and termites among others. This happens to be risky because when they find that a safe haven, they might start attacking your wooden structures that are in the vicinity, together with infesting your home. For that to not happen, you should hire a professional tree company and they will endeavor to remove the stumps while at the same time ridding your property of varmints, insect pests and other dangerous pests.

You might consider doing the job yourself if you are trying to save money. In cases such as this, you should expose the stump’s root system and then proceed with chopping through the roots with an axe or mattock, while also loosening the soil in the process. Striking the side of the stump with a sledgehammer goes on to expose more roots and after you have chopped all of them repeatedly, push the stump over and tow it away. This method is usually difficult, time-consuming and dangerous, so extra precaution should be taken when you consider this method.

Another way of removing stumps is through the use of chains that are wrapped on the stump and a heavy truck gets to pull the stump out. This is also dangerous since damage may occur to the said vehicle, driveways or patios that are close to the stump. This is because you may not be sure of the root system of the stump and how far it has gone. In applying this method, it would be advisable to first establish how far the roots have gone and then chop them out first. In case the stump is not near any structure, then this method may easily apply.

The application of chemicals is also another way of ensuring that tree stumps are removed and this is because they rot away. This method is time consuming and this is because the rotting usually takes time and you will have to wait for many months. This method is also dangerous since toxic chemicals will be exposed to the environment and the people who are within the area. This may be harmful in one way or another and it is advisable that this method be used especially when there are no people living near the area where the stump is located.

Stump grinding happens to be the best and most efficient method of removing stumps and in case you do not have one, consider renting. It is important to know how to exactly operate the stump grinder and this is because of the dangers it exposes to the handler if not handled in the right way. Precautions such as wearing of gloves, goggles, a hard hat and protection for your ears are important when handling this machine. It is also important to proceed with extreme care and caution when handling this machine because it is known to be dangerous if not used correctly.

Regarding stump removal, you should ensure that only specialists undertake the removal because high tech machines are used to effectively remove them by burrowing below ground level. The wood mulch that is as a result of the grinding can be used as fertilizer for your garden. Consider either of the afore-mentioned options and you will be glad that you did!

Tree Removal – Preparations Involved

Until you actually need to pick up the axe, you will never realize how complicated is tree removal. To save one-self from the complications involved with the removal of the tree most people prefer to work with a tree service. Calling a tree service will of course save you a lot of time and protect you from unnecessary stress. However, there are certain things that you need to make sure as the property owner even when you are calling a tree service for your tree removal needs. Removal of a tree involves considerable amount of preparation, if you want to get it correct right at the first time. 

Let us look at some of the preparations required for tree removal, tree trimming and stump grinding.

#1 Before you call a tree removal service you should first gather all the basic information about your own tree removal needs because your service provider will need some basic information to understand your requirements and to give you a quote. Your tree removal service provider will need the following information:

           - Is the tree in an open area or is it next to the building?
           - Can the branches damage any property when they are trimmed or cut down?
           - Do you want to just trim the branches or do you want to remove the entire tree?
           - Is there enough space around the tree for the trunk to land safely when it is chopped?

#2 Always get a written quote for the job and make sure to read the quote thoroughly to understand what is included and what is not included in your tree removal, stump removal, stump grinding or tree trimming quote.

#3 Your responsibility does not end with hiring a tree removal service but before they arrive you need know certain things about the venue. For example, if you want to remove the entire tree including the roots, you need to know whether there are any underwater sewer pipes or other cables running beneath the ground. There could also be gas lines running underneath that you could damage in the process. The place has to be therefore inspected before hand to ensure that there are no such dangers. Do not blindly get the stump grinder without paying attention to these factors. When you are calling your tree removal service make sure to check with them whether they will take care of such inspections or whether you are responsible. When you get a quote, check for the fine prints to make sure the things that you are supposed to be doing at your end so that you are not later subjected to liability issues.

#4 You should also make sure to check whether your tree removal service provider will be able to access the spot easily without any hassles and whether their bulky tree removal equipment can reach and whether you have enough space for the equipment to be moved to the spot.

#5 Before the arrival of the tree removal service just look around to identify any possible troubles such as proximity of the neighboring property, parking issues and so on.

If you take care of these basic preparations then all the other things will fall in place.

Tips For Deciding When To Remove A Tree

Deciding whether to remove a tree or not is not always an easy decision to make. It is important that you do not make random choices with regard to tree removal. Before calling a tree service for the removal of your trees, you need to give due consideration taking into account all the important factors so that you make an environmentally responsible and safe decision. 

#1. Is your tree dying? At times, it is best to remove dying trees before they fully die and start decaying. Dying trees could prove to be a great risk to people and the properties around as they could fall any time. If you happen to have a dying tree in your yard then you have a very good reason to call a tree removal service. However, not all dying trees pose the danger of falling. You will therefore need to decide based on the condition of the tree under question.

#2 Are your neighbors complaining? Very often trees are removed because of the pressure from the neighbors. Homeowners are forced to remove the trees that are on the periphery of their property to maintain good relationship with the neighbors and to save oneself from unnecessary liability issues. Here again do not make a random choice. Objectively review the situation. If required call a professional tree service and get their opinion whether there is any real danger. Your tree removal company will also be able to provide you with their professional guidance on the alternatives to tree removal. Many a times, the problem could be resolved by strategic pruning of the tree rather than complete removal. The idea here is that no tree should be removed without sufficient reason.

#3. Is maintenance a problem? Maintaining a tree can lead to lot of responsibilities. For example, the dry leaves falling off the tree could lead to maintenance hassles. You need to keep the place swept regularly. This could be both time consuming and expensive. 

#4 Is your tree disturbing the power lines? If your tree happens to be under the power lines and if the gap between the tree and the power lines is very less then it could pose a great danger and you may have to consider removing your tree to avoid unnecessary complications at a later stage. 

#5 Is the tree located in the new construction or does it obstruct any new construction that you are planning? If you are planning for a construction of new building and if you happen to have a tree in the planned construction site then you will be forced to remove the tree. To avoid such scenarios in future, you should plan your space carefully and plant trees taking into account your possible future plans. 

It takes several years for a tree to grow whereas cutting it or removing it completely will take just a few hours. You will therefore need to make responsible decisions. Work with an experienced tree removal service so that they could help you make the right decision and also help you with the tree removal process.