Thursday, June 15, 2017

What are the Best Trees for Drought Areas?

In an era where global warming is taking over the world, the need to preserve water resources is becoming more pronounced. For farm owners, the problem can be strongly felt, especially since prolonged drought can stress trees and shrubs. To alter this and make a landscape more resistant to harsh conditions, the most immediate solution is to grow drought tolerant trees. 

Drought Resistant Trees

When looking for vegetation that can handle dry conditions, it is necessary to look for what works best for your landscape. Native shrubs, for instance, tend to be better adapted to the climate and the soil of certain regions. This is because they are more drought-tolerant than their non-native counterparts. Drought resistant deciduous trees fall into this category.  You may want to choose trees with small leafs such as oaks and willow, or those with large leaves like cottonwood. Upland trees give a better performance than those that grow in bottom lands. Also, choose those that have upright crowns since they are known to handle dry conditions better. 

If you are looking for drought resistant trees with beautiful pronounced leaves especially during autumn, the deciduous category has a lot to offer. Some of the best include hackberries, sumacs, elms species, maple (red and paperbark), ginkgo, and hickory. The evergreen type is also a great choice for a backyard. These are especially the best due to their needle-like leaves that need very little water to survive. These include pitch pine, Virginia pine, shortleaf pine, loblolly pine, and eastern white pine. Hollies and junipers would be an excellent choice too. The other great choices include:
  • Western sycamore – fast growing shade tree
  • Southern Magnolia – flowering evergreen
  • Primrose tree
  • Eldarica pine – evergreen and fragrant
  • Shagbark hickory – has good fall color
  • Flame tree
  • Brisbane box
  • Hawthorns – good flowering display
  • Shoestring Acacia
  • Thornless honey locust – fast growing and non-messy
  • Kentucky coffee tree
  • Eastern red cedar – heat tolerant
  • Colorado blue spruce – evergreen
  • River wattle
  • Crape myrtles – showy flowering
  • Weeping Myall
  • Peppermint Willow
  • Paper birch – has fall color and grows fast
  • Mugo pines
  • Bur oak – large shade tree
If you live in a dry region, the best way to approach the dry spell is by planting drought tolerant trees. Only choose trees in your planting zone. The best time to plant drought resistant trees is during fall.

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