Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Why You Need a Qualified Arborist For Tree Services

Trees have a valued effect on your property. Beautiful and healthy trees not only guarantee a return on your investment but also have ecological benefits. To the contrary, poorly maintained trees are a liability as well as being a safety hazard. To maintain your trees it is advisable to hire an arborist. These are trained individuals who have knowledge about what trees need to thrive.

Therefore, they have the expertise needed to offer proper care. Here’s why you should hire a qualified arborist for tree services.


Proper planting goes a long way in determining the longevity of a tree. Planting trees on your own may seem fulfilling. Nonetheless, you may not know which are the best species to plant, and the correct planting techniques. Arborists know what it takes to ensure that a seedling grows into a healthy tree.

Arborists will not only help you select the right seedlings, but also the most suitable location for planting the seedlings. Besides this, hiring an arborist is recommended if you are undertaking large scale tree planting. These specialists have special equipment needed for such an undertaking, which you might not have

Emergency Tree Care

Arborists offer 24/7 emergency tree services, which come in handy when trees become a safety hazard to your family and property. During poor weather such as storms for instance, trees and their branches may be severely damaged, something that might even result in hazardous situations. Removing such trees and branches is a risky affair, which requires the expertise of a professional.

Plant Health Care

Just like other living organisms, trees need to be in good health for them to grow maximally. Arborists offer plant health care, which basically entails monitoring the growth of your trees regularly. This way, it is easier to pinpoint any potential tree problems, and remedy them early before they turn out to be a threat. To ensure optimal growth and the health of your trees, an arborist also offers soil modification and fertilization. Cabling and bracing can also be done to ensure that weak branches also grow optimally.

Tree Removal

Typically, arborists consider this procedure as a last resort more so when there are no other options. Removing trees on your own is risky. Arborists have the knowledge, skills, and equipment needed to remove trees safely. This highlights why you should hire a qualified arborist.


Trees ought to be maintained to augment their appearance besides making it safe to have them on your garden. Pruning is one of the major tree maintenance practices. While you may think that you can prune trees yourself, this isn’t always a safe bet. If pruning requires you to climb a tree or use equipment such as chainsaws, consider hiring a certified arborist for the same. This way, you are guaranteed high quality tree maintenance services.

Other Services

Arborists also offer other services including evaluation of the value of trees when you are seeking to sell, tree hazard maintenance, and the installation of lightning protection structures on trees growing in specific regions. In addition, they put down protection plans for trees growing on construction sites. A number of tree services companies similarly offer stump grinding. You may not have the skills, manpower, and expertise to undertake such activities on your own, something that highlights why hiring an arborist is recommended.

It is advisable to educate yourself about the basics of caring for trees. Ensure that the arborist that you hire is ISA-certified. Membership to professional bodies such as the American Society if Consulting Arbirists (ASCA) is equally important.

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